Read the latest articles of Revista Española de Medicina Legal at ScienceDirect. com, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 5 April ; Download PDF. La Revista Española de Medicina Legal, fundada en , es el órgano de expresión oficial de la Asociación Nacional de. MEDICINA LEGAL Y TOXICOLOGIA - Gisbert Calabuig, J. A. & Villanueva Cañadas, E - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Medicina Legal- Eduardo Vargas Alvarado - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Medicina legal judicial SIMONIN CAMILO. Angel Vega Nuñez. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Apr 1, , Eneko Barbería and others published Revista Española de Medicina Legal: año

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Medicina Legal- Eduardo Vargas Alvarado

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Revista Española de Medicina Legal

Approximation of laws - Measures for the establishment and functioning of the internal market - Legal basis - Article of the Treaty now Article 94 EC - Possibility for the Member States to maintain or establish provisions departing from Community harmonisation measures - No such possibility EEC Treaty, Art. Approximation of laws - Measures for the establishment and functioning of the internal market - Directives already adopted when Article EC entered into force - Possibility for the Member States to maintain or establish more stringent consumer protection measures on the basis of Article EC - No effect Arts 94 EC, 95 EC and EC 4.

In the context of the cooperation between the Court of Justice and the national courts provided for by Article EC, it is solely for the national courts before which disputes have been brought, and which must assume responsibility for the subsequent judicial decision, to determine in the light of the particular circumstances of the case both the need for a preliminary ruling in order to enable them to deliver judgment and the relevance of the questions which they submit to the Court.

The Court may not decline to give a ruling on a question referred to it by a national court unless it is quite obvious that the interpretation of Community law or the consideration of the validity of a Community rule sought by that court bears no relation to the facts of the main action or its purpose.

Article EC is worded in the form of an instruction addressed to the Community concerning its future policy and cannot permit the Member States, owing to the direct risk that would pose for the acquis communautaire, autonomously to adopt measures contrary to the Community law contained in the directives already adopted at the time of entry into force of that law.

In fact, the competence conferred in that respect on the Member States by Article 5 EC concerns only the measures mentioned at paragraph 3 b of that article.

That competence does not extend to the measures referred to in paragraph 3 a of Article EC, that is to say the measures adopted pursuant to Article 95 EC in the context of attainment of the internal market with which in that respect the measures adopted under Article 94 EC must be equated. The fact that the Directive provides for certain derogations or refers in certain cases to national law does not mean that in regard to the matters which it regulates harmonisation is not complete.

Jann Rapporteur , President of the Chamber, S. Timmermans, Judges, Advocate General: L. Geelhoed, Registrar: H.

Alexaki and S. Vodina, acting as Agents, - the French Government, by R. Abraham and R. Mongin and M. Vodina, the French Government, represented by R. Loosli-Surrans, and the Commission, represented by B.

Mongin and G.Resultados A. The total and the older adult populations showed deaths more frequent in men Forensic Science: an introduction to scientific and investigative techniques.

Colombia Med ;29 4 This study aimed to analyze the mortality in traffic accidents in the Colombian older adults. Disponible en:

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