Read The Amazing Spider-Man () Issue # comic online free and high quality. Unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. The Amazing Spider-Man # (Marvel, ) Few comics in the entire history of comics have achieved the kind of milestone status as this one has. This issue. He takes her to the Brooklyn Bridge. Spider-Man follows, and the Goblin knocks Gwen off the bridge. Peter tries to save her but when he reels her up, she is.

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Love it or hate it, Spider-Man # is arguably one of the most, if not the shell out $3 apiece for the digital editions (comes to you as file. The Amazing Spider-Man () # Published: June 10, Writer: Also Appears In. Spider-Man: Death of the Stacys Premiere (Hardcover). The Green Goblin threatens Gwen Stacy's life and Spider-Man must come to the rescue But will he get there in time to save her? With Harry.

Aunt May: No, Peter, You mustn't! Your uncle always dreamed of you being a scientist some day! You must continue your studies! Banker: I'll have to see some identification! Spiderman: What about my costume?

Banker: Don't be silly! Anyone can wear a costume! Do you have a Social Security card or a driver license in the name of Spider-man??

Spiderman: N-No -- I don't! Jonah Jameson: When I'm thru with this article, Spider-man will be run out of town! Jonah Jameson: The youth of this nation must learn to respect real heroes -- men such as my son, John Jameson, the test pilot! Not selfish freaks such as Spider-man -- a masked menace who refuses to even let us know his true identity! How do other superhuman guys, like the Fantastic Four and the Ant Man, get away with it?

Nobody bothers them! And they always seem to make enough dough. Newspaper stand owner: Bah! I don't even believe that there is a Spider-man!

It's all a publicity stunt! Octopus] Spider-Man: Hold it, Doc!

The Night Gwen Stacy Died

How about pickin' on someone who can fight you back? Octopus: Spider-man!

Octopus: You dare speak flippantly to me! You fool! When I'm finished with you, You'll sing a different tune!

Spider-Man: I wish there was a superheroes' union somewhere'cause if there was, I'd make sure a fella gets time-and-a-half for tackling a joker with four metal arms!

Peter Parker: It's not that I don't wanna do my bit against air pollution, like anyone else--but first I've gotta rid the city of Doc Ock--'cause in my book, he's a one-man ecology crisis on the hoof. Spider-Man: Like they always say--the show must go on!

Altho' I never figured out why! Did you see that!?! Liz Allan: I wonder where Peter went? He isn't here! Flash Thompson: Who, that coward? He's probably hidin' with his head under a desk somewhere!

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I'll set the price myself! So open your safe and empty it out for me! Jonah Jameson: No!

Conway's earliest stuff is terrible, at least when sampled randomly, but this story is quite good. I've read a lot of criticism of the choice to kill Gwen Stacy, and you can argue about that choice if you want, but the execution here is pretty good for Marvel at this time. There's a lot of debate about how exactly Gwen died, whether she was dead to start with, if she died due to the shock of the fall as the Goblin claims or if it was because Spider-Man tried to catch her by snaring her leg with his webbing, causing her neck to crack.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 – 700 + Annuals (1963-2012) (Digital)

The brutal SNAP! While he's upset about the Goblin bringing Gwen into this, at this point he is still thinking about his secret identity and joking and acting like the typical Spider-Man.

Even reeling Gwen up he is talking about what a hero he is for rescuing her. The implication that it could have been possible for Spider-Man to save her if he had just been a little faster or handled things a bit more seriously is intentional, in my opinion. In the end it doesn't matter; the Green Goblin was ultimately responsible for her death, not Spider-Man. Another great scene is the very end, where Peter returns to his apartment to find Mary Jane, who has heard about Gwen's death.

She says that she's upset about it and Peter snaps at her, telling her that she wouldn't be upset if her own mother died and telling her to get out. This is totally in line with MJ's depiction so far as an airhead, but the silent scene where she goes to leave and instead closes the door to the apartment with her still inside is brilliant character development.

An ulterior motive for this plot probably had a lot to do with the situation Marvel attempted to resolve with One More Day and previously tried to resolve with the Clone Saga : Peter and Gwen had gone just as far as you can go in a relationship and at that point, if they wanted to keep the soap opera drama that is an integral part of the Spider-Man series going, as opposed to letting them marry and live happily ever after, they either had to contrive a reason to break them up or kill her.

I don't necessarily agree with that line of reasoning, but there it is. At least it resulted in a good story.Of course, if she'd hit the water, she would have died too.

However, he quickly realizes she is dead. Doug: Memories of the battles fought recently between Spidey and the Green Goblin come flooding back to Peter see our reviews of ASM 's 96 , 97 , and 98 , as well as our look at Spectacular Spider-Man 2 , and his own fears sweep over him.

Jonah Jameson: No! Marvel Spotlight 13 Up: The Punisher leaves to go the Mechanic , his gun supplier, to resupply.

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