A: I will start by saying that I have written a couple of books on carnivorous plants; you can read about them here. One book is a summary book on carnivorous. download The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants: A Comprehensive Guide to "A beautifully illustrated and well-written book about carnivorous plants that will. Imitating a plant's natural environment is the key to success in growing carnivorous plants, and this book will help readers select the best plants to grow on a.

Carnivorous Plants Book

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The best carnivorous plant books available on the market. He explores in detail the wily manner in which each type of plant entices, Adrian Slack's book, Carnivorous Plants, is the best general survey book for a. Carnivorous Plants book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Adrian Slack focuses on some fifty species, using photographs, li.


New concepts of anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry related to the carnivorphyte syndrome. Schnell noted that in some cases the book misquotes authors regarding their conclusions and that one should therefore "not use [it] as a secondary citation source". I can recommend this book as an addition to the rather scant carnivorous plant book literature, with the caveats mentioned above.

The authors do bring forth some new material even older references missed by Lloyd and some stimulating discussion and concepts. However, the work is not encyclopedic as many might hope it would be.

Carnivorous Gift Guide: Must-have Carnivorous Plant Books!

Smith, writing in New Phytologist , considered the book to present "a comprehensive biology of carnivory in plants, with up-to-date facts, informed evaluations and speculations about morphological and physiological adaptations, and how they may have originated", but added that "[t]here are no great surprises".

In a review for the Kew Bulletin , Martin Cheek wrote that the book "is like no other on the subject" and "provides a 'modern scientific' insight into the carnivorous mechanisms of plants".

Cheek also pointed out a number of inconsistencies and taxonomic errors in the text the genus Sarracenia , for example, is said to have 7, 8, and "14 or so" species on different pages , although he wrote that "[i]nconsistencies are inevitable in a multi-author volume such as this".

Reviewing the book for the Bulletin of the Australian Carnivorous Plant Society , Brett Lymn described it as "a serious scientific work" though "not just a book for academics". He continued: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the book, see The Carnivorous Plants.

Dust jacket showing Nepenthes pervillei. Joel The Carnivorous Plants. It is written in nontechnical language, insofar as possible, but the professional botanist and horticulturist will also benefit from it.

This book has the most beautiful illustrations of carnivorous plants that I have ever seen. Search Search. Search Advanced Search close Close.

Preview Preview. Carnivorous Plants By Adrian Slack Adrian Slack focuses on some fifty species, using photographs, line drawings, and diagrams to illustrate their peculiarities. Request Permissions Exam copy. Overview Author s Praise. Summary Adrian Slack focuses on some fifty species, using photographs, line drawings, and diagrams to illustrate their peculiarities.

You can find Butterworts Pinguicula throughout the Northern Hemisphere, with the highest concentration being found in Mexico and Central America. There are around species in all. Their leaves normally appear green and glossy, growing in a ground-hugging rosette. They are also known as flypaper traps, on account of the sticky leaves they use to catch gnats and fruit flies.

The Pitcher Plants: Pitcher plants typically feature leaves shaped like tubes or vases.

Insects slip on the pitcher rim and fall into the digestive enzymes below. Sarracenia and Nepenthes. For care advice, keep reading! The Bladderworts: With over species, the Bladderworts Utricularia are another hugely diverse genus of canivorous plant. Found almost everywhere on Earth, Bladderworts capture prey using bladder-like organs on their roots, which are submerged underwater.

Tiny organisms such as water fleas are sucked into the bladders in less than a hundredth of a second, where they are digested. Bladderworts are particularly popular for their flowers, which can be as colourful and as beautiful as those of orchids.

This list is far from exhaustive! You can read more about carnivorous plants for kids here , and read my suggestions for carnivorous plant related gifts here. Peter updated the book in , so be sure to download the second edition here on site. Other recent books which I personally find useful and would recommend include Cultivating Carnivorous Plants by Natch Greyes link , Carnivorous Plants: Plants downloadd from specialist carnivorous plant nurseries will typically be much healthier than those from garden centers or department stores.

In no particular order, here are the UK and EU nurseries that I have either downloadd from myself, or which numerous readers have gotten in touch to recommend:. Hampshire Carnivorous Plants: Matt Soper offers one of the widest ranges of carnivorous plants in the UK.

He sells all major genera, has won dozens of medals for his exhibits at national flower shows, and offers a friendly and efficient mail order service. Look out for the nursery open days too!

Based in North Yorkshire, Peter Walker Wack and his wife Helleentje offer a wide range of carnivorous plants via mail order, and also put on medal-winning displays at many of the major UK flower shows. Wistuba - Exotische Pflanzen: Based in Maselheim in Germany and run by Dr Andreas Wistuba, this is a specialist nursery offering a wide range of Nepenthes and Heliamphora.

New to carnivorous plants? Start here!

Wistuba is best known for tissue cultured plants, and the nursery offers many spectacular and rare species. Christian Klein: This includes a fantastic selection of Nepenthes , Sarracenia , Dionaea , and Utricularia , as well as an impressive seed list.

He ships throughout the EU, including to the UK. To place an order, you can contact him via email. Many plants downloadd from garden centers will come in clear plastic domes. Although these mini-terrariums may be fine in the short-term, in my experience mould can quickly become a problem. If your plant is a Venus flytrap Dionaea or North American pitcher plant Sarracenia , I would suggest removing the dome and finding a good sunny growing location - see beginners care above.

Alternatively, if your plant is a tropical pitcher plant Nepenthes , you might be better off leaving the plant in its dome for the time being.

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More detailed guidance on all species is available above, under detailed care. The most common reasons why tropical pitcher plants will not produce new pitchers are low humidity and insufficient light. There are over species of tropical pitcher plant known as Nepenthes. They like very bright light - not as much as a Venus flytrap or Sarracenia , but ideally partial sun. A bright windowsill plus daily misting with a spray bottle is often sufficient for a Nepenthes to grow happily.

Start ’em young! 5 Carnivorous plant books for kids!

Shorter daylight hours during winter can cause a tropical pitcher plant to slow its growth. Similarly, moving a plant to a new location can cause a degree of shock and cause its pitchers to go brown.

Just water it regularly with distilled water and watch closely for new growth in the weeks and months to come. For more help, read my complete guide to Nepenthes pitcher plants. Other good options include specialist carnivorous plant nurseries, other society-run seed banks, and exchanges in active carnivorous plant groups on social networks.

Be careful when downloading carnivorous plants seeds:There are many children's books on carnivorous plants. Charles Darwin's old volume is not easy to plow through, but is enjoyable and thorough, as you would expect from this author. site Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Robins, and Daniel M. Wistuba - Exotische Pflanzen: The Carnivorous Plants.

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