Humans of Golarion. 2. Human Ethnicities. Combat: Human Weapons. Faith: Aroden. Magic: Human Racial Spells. Social: Human Traits and Trait. Humans of Golarion presents a player-friendly overview of the fantastical human PDF: Fulfilled immediately. Print Edition: Unavailable. Non-Mint: Unavailable. [PDF] Pathfinder Player Companion: Humans of Golarion. Pathfinder Player Companion: Humans of Golarion. Book Review. A brand new e-book with an all.

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PDF: $ Humans of Golarion, a Pathfinder Player Companion by James Jacobs, Colin McComb, Sean K Reynolds, Amber Scott, and. PZO Pathfinder Society M Adobe Portable PZO Humans of M Adobe Portable. The greatest heroes of Golarion's modern age record their .. The first civilized humans of Golarion were the Azlanti, a proud race with skin ranging from.

Uses Book template. Paizo Publishing, LLC.

Pathfinder (periodicals)

ISBN Pathfinder Companion. Sargava, The Lost Colony. Artwork from Orcs of Golarion. Fury of the Horde Feel the blood spray and bones crunch as the bestial children of the Darklands come roaring across the landscape, leaving only carnage and lamentation in their wake! Orcs are some of the oldest enemies of civilization, their howling hordes beaten back time and again by the forces of light.

Yet in addition to being depraved raiders, orcs are also a civilization unto themselves, with a war-torn history stretching back before the Age of Darkness. In Orcs of Golarion , learn everything you need to know about playing or vanquishing one of these savage warriors, as well as the outcast half-orc spawn who straddle the line between the worlds of order and chaos.

The book is an excellent summary of what came before.

The art of the book is decent. Each major race gets art of a male and female figure, which is some nice gender representation. The Bad This book has a very niche audience.

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However, as all this information exists elsewhere and the majority are still available in print and all in PDF , chances are the Pathfinder GM already has the information found in this book. However, as the Player Companion books were pages, this book feels significantly less comprehensive.

Except for humans, which receive twice as many pages as Humans of Golarion.

The smaller entries for the Uncommon and Rare races mean these have a little more generic text and feel less Golarion specific. All the entries do have some generic information, especially any talk on physiology which will overlap with every prior description of the race.

There are a few newish races that stand out amongst the genre classics.

Most are acceptable and seem to be the races people have latched onto and found interesting, which is nice. The name comes from classical mythology but the race seems very divorced from its roots beyond the avian connection. However, winged humans are a pretty iconic fantasy race and the mythological name makes them less forgettable, so my dislike is really personal baggage.

As the title suggests, this book is really focused on the Inner Sea region, and thus there is little on big name races who are distantly positioned, such as folk of the Dragon Empire.

This is sad for fans of the kitsune or tengu.

Although, I saw crunch for both. The Ugly Most of the new feats are teamwork feats. And teamwork feats are especially useless in Pathfinder Society tables.

Adding a racial restriction to teamwork feat just makes them seem even harder to implement. The feat section of the book is really far more suited to the Gamemaster, who can give them to NPCs.

Returning to the art, Paizo has long said that elves adapt and change their colouration based on their environment. But this is very seldom reflected in the art, which is typically of the standard Caucasian elves.

It was a little too exaggerated in terms of body proportion and the artist took the cue that Varisians were garish and made this almost comical.


But the explicit prices of the Pathfinder magic item system always makes me wonder what goblin had 9, gp lying around to download a sword? There is a complete absence of maps in this book. This reinforces the audience of Inner Sea Races as the initiated. The book casually throws around locations and regions, but you either have to be very familiar with the world or have the Inner Sea World Guide at your side.

I doubt I could easily give this book to my players, despite our last two campaigns taking place in Golarion, without them staring blanking at many of the references. Earlier, I mentioned the strix and the new races, saying most were acceptable additions. The ghoran are also visually unappealing with a complicated and overdesigned look, which reminds me most of bad Star Trek Voyager aliens.

On a race that explicitly comes from seeds! That it comes at the expense of so many other potential races gnolls, kitsune, tengu makes it all the more problematic. The Awesome The goblin entry.

Pathfinder Human

It made me laugh out loud. I like the focus on emotion in orcs and half-orcs. Emphasising the intensity of their emotion gives them a different mindset than just being angry or stupid. I also have a curious fondness for ratfolk , despite their relative newness to the game.Taldan women often receive weapons training as part of their upbringing as well, but those of high society—and those who seek to emulate them—are generally expected not to enter any sort of dangerous occupation where they might require such training.

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Corruption within the empire made it impossible for the Taldan people to reclaim their colonies, and their empire began a slow decline that continues to this day. The CalamiTous Turn choose whether or not to hit. A slew of generation tables to inspire grim character backgrounds and determine the physical features inherited from non- human progenitors.

These each receive two pages. She is also from the churches set aside for that particular purpose; widely regarded as a companion or servitor of the most live humbly and travel frequently around their goddess Desna.

Halflings of Golarion

Thassilon: The Thassilonian Empire rose on the back of the prudent and powerful king Xin and his seven greatest wizards. Many neighboring tribes are linked through trade and intermarriage— leaders in particular are encouraged to marry members of other tribes to strengthen political alliances. They speak their own language—a mix of Hallit, Thassilonian, and Varisian— making communication with them difficult.

Inside this book, you'll find: Ten new heritages and alternate racial traits for half-elves and half-orcs —from the seafaring children of aquatic elves to the brash kin of desert orcs.

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