THE FIRM. THE INSIDE STORY OF MCKINSEY: THE WORLD'S MOST CONTROVERSIAL. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY. DUFF MCDONALD. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. McDonald is a contributing editor at Fortune magazine and The Firm: The Story of McKinsey and Its Secret Influence on American Business - site edition by Duff McDonald. Download it once and read it on. Read The Firm by Duff McDonald for free with a 30 day free trial. The Firm - Duff McDonald The best evidence for McKinsey's expertise is the firm itself.

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Get the firm story of mckinsey and its secret influence on american business ebook duff mcdonald PDF file for free from our online library. PDF File: the firm story. The 20th century saw the rise of American economic dominance and the birth of modern management. One firm – McKinsey & Company – did more to shape. Life is getting tougher for professional-services firms. “The Firm”, by Duff McDonald, is a generally admiring book that nevertheless asks hard.

McKinsey & Company

Whats even less interesting then business usually is consulting to business. Which in my time consisted of being asked to run endless analysis while pretending to be really chipper about it all so that the partner could come back and tell you that it was all tremendously useful and appreciated.

Then after a certain stage you go to the meeting as well and realize that no-one in their right mind is ever ever going to read it and if they did they are not going to do anything about it, you then surpress that thought because it would do incalculable damage to your self esteem. Its all a bit duff like this book. The story follows the firm from its inception to the recent insider trading scandal involving former managing director Raj Gupta.

The book presents a curious mix of popular acclaim, criticism of the dark sides of the consulting business legitimating management decisions, justifying downsizing, providing inside informati This is an updated company history of McKinsey, the strategic consulting firm that has been so successful that it has come to define the standard for providing management advice.

The book presents a curious mix of popular acclaim, criticism of the dark sides of the consulting business legitimating management decisions, justifying downsizing, providing inside information from other clients, etc.

The basic narrative is well known to anyone who has followed McKinsey in the popular business press and the relatively few quality popular books on the area The Witch Doctors, for example.

Some of the additional insights into the industry is lifted with attribution from other sources such as Alfred Chandler or Kiechel's The Lords of Strategy. Overall, the story is well known, but the updating of the McKinsey firm into the 's is useful and worth reading to anyone interested in following the industry.

The style is typical of the higher end business trade press and is not difficult to follow. This fills the niche for consultants that recent books about Goldman Sachs do for investment bankers.

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McKinsey remains the gold standard of consulting. What does it do to earn those hefty fees?

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Not only from the way it is written but because McKinsey has been featuring very prominently and most negatively in the South African news over its corrupt dealings with our government.

Having worked with them on some projects in my previous life I recognise some of the behaviours and a lot more makes sense now that I know how they hire consultants and have better insight into the business model. Could one They this is almost like a business cult?

One thing is clear though McKinsey leave a trail of destruction in their path. They thrive on being proactive in the advice they give much against the better advice of those in the know.They feel so strongly about themselves that they have insisted on a proper noun where one need not exist.

McKinsey's then Managing Partner, Dominic Barton issued a statement, following an internal investigation, in which the firm "admitted that it found violations of its professional standards but denied any acts of bribery, corruption, and payments to Trillian.

Founded in , McKinsey can lay claim to the following partial list of accomplishments: Sep 10, ISBN: At the outset, we stress that risk management is not expressly for the purpose of 16 2.

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