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Five thousand years ago, there came to earth a magical being called Krishna, who brought about innumerable miracles for the good of mankind. Humanity. The Krishna Key - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Ashwin Sanghi. The Krishna Key Epub Download New! Deicide - Deicide () [1st Press] werliss haking thomson DVD Studio Pro toast.

A sepaiate acknowledge- ments section at the end of the naiiative lists these in detail. Theii blessings move the fingeis that hold my pen. Iinally, I am deeply awaie of the fact that when I sit down to wiite, the woids that flow fiom mind to mattei aie meiely thrcugh me, not frcm me. How do I convey my thanks to the ieal wiiteithe foimless, shapeless and endless Almightyfoi his blessings!

Peihaps this book will answei that question. Ilipping to the back of the book piematuiely may iesult in youi inadveitently viewing some images that could act as plot-spoileis, hence this is not advised. No claim iegaiding histoiical accuiacy is made expiessly oi implied.

All names, chaiacteis, places and incidents used in this book aie the pioduct of the authoi's imagination. Histoiical, ieligious oi mythological chaiacteis, histoiical oi legendaiy events, oi names of places aie always used fictitiously. Any iesemblance to any actual peisons, living oi dead, past events oi histoiical locations, is entiiely coincidental. Images and maps aie foi illustiative puiposes only and aie piesented without any claim to accuiacy. Evcn gcds camc aftcr crcattcns day, hc rcally kncws, whc can truly say hcn and hcw dtd crcattcn start?

Dtd Hc wtll tt?

Or dtd Hc nct? Only Hc, up thcrc, kncws, maybc, Or pcrhaps, nct cvcn Hc. Rig Veda 1O: Onc cf my anccstcrs was Ktng Yayatt. Hc was curscd by thc sagc Shukracharya fcr havtng bccn unfatthful tc hts wtfc, Dcvayant, whc was Shukracharyas daughtcr. Thc cursc was that Yayatt wculd grcw cld prcmaturcly and thus bc unablc tc cnfcy thc plcasurcs cf hts ycuth and pctcncy. Latcr, Shukracharya rclcntcd and scftcncd thc blcw. Yayatt wculd bc sparcd tf cnc cf hts scns, Yadu cr Furu, acccptcd thc ccnscqucnccs cf thc cursc.

Thc cldcr scn, Yadu, rcfuscd, but thc ycungcr, Furu, agrccd tc takc tt cn htmsclf. As a rcward, Yayatt chcsc Furu tc succccd htm as ktng, tn placc cf Yadu.

Thc cnragcd Yayatt cnlargcd upcn thc puntshmcnt tc hts cldcr scn. Thc unlucky Yadu lcft hts hcmc and scttlcd dcwn tn Mathura whcrc hts ltncagc f lcurtshcd. Yadus dcsccndants wcrc thc Yadavas, cf whtch I was cnc.

The Krishna Key EPUB ebook

Yadavas, stncc thcn, havc bccn ktng-makcrs, but ncvcr ktngs. Furu wcnt cn tc bcccmc thc patrtarch cf thc ktngdcm cf Hasttnapurtntc whtch thc famtltcs cf thc Kauravas and Fandavas wcrc bcrn. His modest house in the Hanumangaih distiict of Rajasthan was deathly quiet at this houi except foi the humming of the deseit coolei.

Vaishney loved the silence. It allowed him to immeise himself entiiely in the stiange letteiings and symbols that lay befoie him.

Woik was meditation and piayei foi India's youngest linguist and symbolist who had shot to instant fame when he succeeded in decipheiing seveial ancient hieioglyphs fiom the Indus Valley civilisation. Iluent in ovei fifteen languages, Vaishney had ten publications to his ciedit including the most widely used multilingual dictionaiy of Indian languages.

He was to ancient wiiting systems what Bill Cates was to opeiating systems. His living space was fashionably disoiganised, ieflective of the eclectic genius that inhabited it. The bedioom was iaiely used because most of Vaishney's life was spent at aichaeological sites, paiticulaily Kalibangan, the most impoitant Indus Valley site in Rajasthan.

His living ioom had no fuinituie except foi a desk and a patteined-fabiic couch that had seen bettei days.

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The baie flooi was litteied with stacks of books, bundles of ieseaich papeis, as well as caidboaid boxes filled with the objects of Vaishney's studyseals, potteiy fiagments, sciolls and paichments.

On the desk befoie him lay a small iectangulai seal, aiound 2O x 2O mm, appaiently made of conch shell. The seal had a squaie peg in the back. Stiangely, the peg had no hole foi inseiting a iing into, as was usual with seals of this type. And it was this fiozen tableau that seemed to be the focus of Vaishney's attention. His desk was stiewn with papeis on which he had made sketches and sciibbles. A notebook computei stood open on a coinei of the desk, its scieen-savei having been tiiggeied an houi eailiei.

A biushed-steel desk lamp shone a single, wide beam of fluoiescent white light on the seal and the papeis suiiounding it. Vaishney, oblivious to eveiything else aiound him, was closely examining the images on the seal with a Cail Zeiss 2OX magnifying glass. Vaishney's outwaid appeaiance was that of a geek: His face was blemished with mild eiuptions of acne and his peisonal hygiene left a lot to be desiied.

But giooming, bathing and diessing weie completely inconsequential in his woild. Vaishney had spent seveial yeais at vaiious Indus Valley sitesincluding the iecent one at Kalibanganpainstakingly cieating a database of eight thousand semantic clusteis fiom his lexicon of thiity Indian languages.

Ioi the fiist time since the excavations at Haiappa in , Vaishney now seemed to have found a way to explain the stiange hieioglyphs on ovei five thousand seals discoveied at such locations. Vaishney was oblivious to his suiioundings and did not obseive the shaft of light falling on the flooi that giadually widened as the main entiance dooi to his house was quietly opened, the lock having been expeitly picked. He did not heai the quiet footsteps of light iubbei soles on the ceiamic-tiled flooi, noi did he feel the bieath of the stiangei on his neck.

He only scieamed when he saw the intiudei's face ieflected on his computei scieen but by then it was too late.

No sound emeiged fiom Vaishney's thioat because the visitoi had tightly clamped a chloiofoim-soaked handkeichief ovei his nose and mouth.

Paialysed with feai, Vaishney stiuggled to lash out with his hands. The desk lamp fell ciashing to the giound and suddenly his house went completely black.

Vaishney found his iight aim being viciously twisted behind his back while the handkeichief ietained its vice-like giip on his face. A seaiing pain shot up his aim, biinging teais to his eyes and momentaiily stunning him.

He could feel himself passing out as the chloiofoim slowly woiked its way into his system. Soon, theie was complete stillness and silence. The intiudei effoitlessly lifted the unconscious Vaishney fiom his chaii with his latex-gloved hands and placed him on the flooi with his back upiight against a wall and his legs stietched out befoie him. He unzipped the belt pack aiound his waist and took out a ioll of duct tape with which he efficiently gagged his piisonei.

He then pioceeded to bind his captive's hands behind his back with some moie tape. With almost choieogiaphed movements, the assailant delved into his waist bag and took out a little self- inking iubbei stamp.

He placed the iubbei end of the stamp on Vaishney's foiehead. The iesultant image on his victim's foiehead was of a small, ciimson, wheel enclosed within a ciicle. He ignoied eveiything except the thiee- headed animal seal that had been Vaishney's object of attention piioi to the attack.

He took out a small plastic specimen bag, placed the seal in it and then placed the object back into his waist bag. Wheie weie the othei thiee! Knowing that the seal was one of a set of foui, he seaiched the living space meticulously foi the iemaining ones, along with the base plate that he knew was meant to hold the foui seals togethei.

Each caid- boaid box was minutely examined, desk diaweis weie opened, and even the sofa cushions weie iipped open. Coming up empty-handed, the assailant mutteied a cuise undei his bieath. It gashed thiough an aiteiy. Blood spuited out while Vaishneystill unconsciousbegan his long and agonising maich towaids death.

He gently dipped it into the puddle of blood that had foimed aiound Vaishney's left foot and began to wiite, with the aii of a calligiaphei, on the wall above Vaishney's head: Mlcccha-ntvaha-ntdhanc kalayast karavalam dhumakctum tva ktm apt karalam kcsava dhrtta-kalkt-sartra faya fagadtsa harc. Ncw lct mc tcll ycu a ltttlc btt abcut my parcnts.

Ugrascna was thc bcncvclcnt chtcftatn cf Mathura, but hts scn Kansawhc was my matcrnal unclcwas a rcguc. Thc cnly bctng Kansa sccmcd tc carc abcut was hts ststcr Dcvakt, my mcthcr. Dcvakt had fust marrtcd my fathcr Vasudcva, a prtncc frcm a nctghbcurtng ktngdcm and thc scn cf Shurascna, a dcsccndant cf Yadu. Thc ncwlywcds wcrc abcut tc lcavc Mathura and Kansa was hcartbrckcn tc scc hts ststcr lcavc.

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On tmpulsc, hc dcctdcd tc play chartctccr sc that hc cculd spcnd mcrc ttmc wtth hcr. Thcy had barcly travcllcd a fcw mtlcs whcn a bccmtng vctcc frcm thc hcavcns mcckcd Kansa. Dcvakts ctghth scn ts dcsttncd tc ktll ycu and ycu shcd crcccdtlc tcars cvcr hcr dcparturc?

The nineteen othei students besides Piiya weie pait of the mastei's piogiamme in ancient Indian histoiy. The students allowed themselves to ielax. A piesentation usually meant that Saini would not have time to single out any of them to answei tiicky questions.

He taught that most inteiesting couise in the univeisity, the Histoiy of Mythology. Besides the fact that he had a BA fiom Oxfoid and a PhD fiom the Univeisity of Memphis, what made him one of the most populai piofessois was his easy-going natuie and dashing good looks.

He iaiely paid any attention to his giooming but his two-day stubble only seemed to enhance his sex appeal to the staiiy-eyed young women who hogged the fiont iow at his lectuies. He was the exact opposite of the geeky Anil Vaishneyhis closest fiiend in school.

It had nevei ceased to amaze theii teacheis that the two of them weie such close fiiends. The fiist PoweiPoint slide came up. Woidlessly, it simply showed a night sky filled with an assoitment of stais. You'ie not in Astionomy-1O1.

What you see befoie you is meiely a conjunction of Satuin with Aldebaian. ASHWIN SANCHI 8 'What we have heie is anothei impoitant planetaiy foimationietiogiade Mais befoie ieaching Antaies,' continued Saini, amused by the bewildeied expiessions on his students' faces that weie dimly visible fiom the light ieflected off the piesentation scieen.

Happy to stiing his students on a little fuithei, he quickly advanced to the thiid and final slide. The iepiieve had been shoit lived. Indeed, many of you view the epic as a collection of stoiies based upon wisdom of the ages but you do not see it as an actual histoiical event. Well, we'ie going to change youi assumptions today,' announced Saini.

Sitting in the last iow, Piiya chuckled at the collective suipiise this geneiated. She was completing hei doctoial disseitation on the histoiicity of the Mahabharata undei Saini's tutelage and had been thiough the mateiial befoiehand. Saini continued. One of the omens was a conjunction of Satuin with Aldebaian, anothei was ietiogiade Mais befoie ieaching Antaies, and yet a thiid was a lunai eclipse neai Pleiades. The veiy thiee conjunctions that I just showed you,' said Saini.

Theie was a stunned silence as his students digested this infoimation. The slides you saw weie computei simulations using a softwaie that iecieates the skies as they would have been obseived fiom Kuiukshetiathe scene of the epic battleon any given day of any given yeai in histoiy.

We need to thank Piofessoi Naihaii Achai fiom my alma matei, the Univeisity of Memphis, foi his path- bieaking ieseaich into this topic. Piofessoi Achai seaiched foi all the yeais in which theie was a conjunction of Satuin with Aldebaian and found one hundied and thiity-seven such conjunctions in histoiy.

He then seaiched foi those dates on which Mais was ietiogiade befoie ieaching Antaies.


This iesulted in just seventeen oveilapping dates. Iinally, he seaiched foi those dates on which theie was a lunai eclipse neai Pleiades and was left with just a single date on which all thiee astionomical events happened simultaneously.

He loved taking little bieaks at the veiy moments when his students wanted him to pioceed fuithei. Eveiyone in the classioom seemed too suipiised to ask any follow-up questions.

The only amused face was that of Piiya, who continued to smile silently. She knew that the good piofessoi was bang on taiget. Grabbtng Dcvakt by hcr hatr, hc pullcd cut hts swcrd tc chcp cff hcr hcad fust as my fathcr Vasudcva fcll at Kansas fcct. Its hcr ctghth scn that ccnstttutcs a rtsk tc ycur ltfc. Bcth Dcvakt and I arc wtlltng tc bc ycur prtscncrs and I shall pcrscnally dcltvcr hcr ctghth chtld tc ycu, Kansa. Flcasc sparc Dcvakt.

Shc ts tnncccnt, hc plcadcd. Duly pactftcd, Kansa crdcrcd hts guards tc takc my fathcr and mcthcr back tc Mathura and tc sccurcly lcck thcm tn prtscn.

It ts satd that upcn rcachtng Mathura, Kansas furtcus fathcr Ugrascna rcarcd, 'hat uttcr ncnscnsc ts thts Kansa? Rclcasc Dcvakt and Vasudcva tmmcdtatcly fcr thcy arc tnncccnt. If ycu dtscbcy mc, I shall havc ycu lcckcd up! Kansa laughcd dcmcntcally. Ycuvc cutltvcd ycur uttltty and ycur cnttrc army ts ncw pcrscnally lcyal tc mc. Guards, arrcst my usclcss fathcr! Thc guards sctzcd thc cld and fratl rulcr and cartcd htm cff tc prtscn tc fctn my fathcr and mcthcr tn thc dungccns.

It was two possible yeais 3O67 BCE and BCEthat iemained as viable alteinatives foi the Mahabhaiata wai accoiding to Achai's ieseaich,' said Piiya as they sat in Saini's office sipping sugaiy milk tea.

Daughtei of a famous lawyei, Piiya had disappointed hei fathei when she elected histoiy ovei law as hei metiei. Retuining to India, she had begun teaching befoie she tiacked down Saini and peisuaded him to accept hei as a doctoial student so that she could develop a thesis on the histoiicity of Kiishna and the events of the Mahabharata.

Quick- witted, beautiful, eneigetic and intelligent, Piiya was piecisely the soit of distiaction that Saini did nct need. Saini's life was his woik.

He had loved someone once. He had even maiiied hei duiing his days at the Univeisity of Memphis. Iive yeais latei, they had diifted apait when they iealised that the only exciting pait of theii lives had been the novelty and fieshness of the ielationship.

Maiiiage seemed to have iuined it all. The divoice had been quick and painless but it had foiced Saini to ieengineei his life and move back to India. This emeiges as a unique date foi the Mahabhaiata wai.

Saini was quick to iise to the challenge. Let's not iely on Indian souices and instead tuin to Cieek iefeiences, shall we! Megasthenes, the Cieek ambassadoi in the couit of Chandiagupta Mauiya, made the fiist wiitten iefeience to Kiishna. In his account, Kiishna is called Hcraclcs. The Cieeks ienamed many Indian deities aftei theii own, and the Cieek usage of the name Heiacles was influenced by the teim Hart, the common expiession used foi Kiishna.

Now what does Megasthenes tell us about Heiacles! He wiites that the Scurascnct held Heiacles in high esteem. Who aie these Souiasenoi! Kiishna was a Yadava himself,' said Piiya. He continued, 'Megasthenes goes on to desciibe theii main city, Mcthcra. Any guesses wheie Methoia was! Now, assuming twenty yeais pei geneiationwhich is a faiily good aveiage wheie ancient Indian dynasties aie involved Kiishna should have lived 2,76O yeais befoie 3O7 BCE.

I was just testing you,' she said smiling. Not quite convinced of hei sinceiity, Saini emphati- cally diove his point fuithei. As you know, Kaliyuga is the last of the foui stages that the woild goes thiough as pait of the cycle of Yugas desciibed in the Indian sciiptuies, the thiee pievious ages being Satyayuga, Trctayuga and Dvaparayuga.

Hindus believe that human civilisation degeneiates spiiitually duiing the Kaliyugaalmost a Daik Agebecause people get distanced fiom Cod.

Saini consideied the question caiefully befoie choosing his woids. Kiishna was an avatai of Vishnu and his passing away symbolically maiked the dawn of Kaliyuga.

One of his conclusions was that when Satuin is at Aldebaian it biings gieat bad tidings. Do you believe it! Still have doubts! Saini shiugged. In O theie was no evidence of the sun being at the centie of the solai system. Iive yeais latei, the Roman Inquisition tiied Calileo foi pioposing such a pieposteious theoiy.

Did it mean that the solai system, as we know it today, did not exist!

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Displays the total number of pages of a book and separately pages of a reading chapter. Convenient reading settings Auto-saving the current reading page.Welcome back to the shadowy and addictive world of Ashwin Sanghi. Iinally, I am deeply awaie of the fact that when I sit down to wiite, the woids that flow fiom mind to mattei aie meiely thrcugh me, not frcm me.

This path-breaking resource: Offers a comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to public health intelligence, a core area of public health competency. The Theatre of Play: Media The Krishna Key. Now, assuming twenty yeais pei geneiationwhich is a faiily good aveiage wheie ancient Indian dynasties aie involved Kiishna should have lived 2,76O yeais befoie 3O7 BCE.

He unzipped the belt pack aiound his waist and took out a ioll of duct tape with which he efficiently gagged his piisonei. Boin in small-town Ajmei, she had been heait- bioken when hei husband, a commandant in the Boidei Secuiity Ioice, had been shot dead by two 1aish-e-Mohammed teiioiists.

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