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Another example for a caption without a figure environment 5. A figure Figure 5. A figure 5. Another figure 5. Command subfloat not available 5. Here [t]op and [b]ottom alignment is demonstrated. Example of captionbeside. Ut lectus eros. Note that this can cause wrong placed free space in the text body. Donec luctus. A wrapfigure quam dolor odio.

Donec eu purus. Aenean faucibus pede eu ante. Quisque vehicula. Ali- Fig. Praesent enim elit. Ut lorem lorem. Suspendisse vel felis. Integer arcu est. Curabitur et nunc. Proin viverra odio ac lorem consequat condimentum. Quisque ve- hicula. Pellentesque mollis nunc sed mauris tempor molestie. Suspendisse bibendum tellus. Environment floatingfigure not available 5. A wrapfloat pharetra in. Aliquam adipiscing nisi eu metus.

Aliquam dolor odio. Duis non diam. Aliquam sodales sapien in mauris. Sed euismod adipiscing lorem. Pellentesque nulla augue, nonummy vel, tincidunt at, blandit. Pellentesque nulla augue, nonummy vel, tincidunt at, blandit Fig.

These sizes can be used in figures to specify the width in fixed paper depended sizes. Most of these can be regarded as personal taste. However the simplest on, the grid design, is regarded as a style which should be avoided by any means, since it makes it difficult for the eye to read the table.

Here some of the most common approaches to style a table are presented. Booktabs package Code: Note that here the style of the table was further changed by the commands: Cmidrule booktabs Code: Tablestyles package This package unifies the application of a style to a table. The following styles are predefined: Table 5.

Column types: It is here only to demonstrate the size of the columns. Therefore b-columns are on top of p-columns because their baselines are aligned.

The new X-columns take the remaining space to fill the tabular. X tabularx The package tabularx defines a new tabular environment. Each column is aligned as justified. It is here only to demonstrate the alignment. Custom column types: C and R all have a fixed width they are based on the p-columns but are aligned as left L.

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All columns include hyphenation. R The predefined custom column types L. The standard X column is left aligned but justified. Y and Z all have a variable width they are based on the X-columns but are aligned as left W. It is here only to demonstrate the size and alignment of the columns. There is no hidden meaning behind them. Z The predefined custom column types W.

The choice of the character W. Y and Z is only based on the available characters. S-column In this table all numbers are aligned. With this combination an alignment of the properties at the equal sign is achieved. The same commands work in tabu tables. TEX program. E high-quality typesetting.

TEX is a sophisticated pro- cially for mathematical text. This table is a very simple example where only the environment is exchanged. X columns multiples The X-columns can also be stretched using a multiplier. X columns Tabu provides X-type columns which have an additional horizontal alignment as an argument.

Rb] X[2. Lp] X[2. Cm] X[2. Possible values are L. R and J justified and in the vertical direction p. Vertical and horizontal alignment The X-columns further take the alignment as an option. For this purpose the commands from the tabu package need to be applied. TEX is a sophisticated high-quality typesetting.

The advantage here is. The usage is demonstrate in section 5. Shown on the following page. The content is displayed on the following page. The caption is rotated as well and thus placed above the table in the orientation of the table.

New commands absolute. Micrometer in text mode: The following commands are defined to provide some compatibility while the basic packages is switched to siunitx. Note that the numbers must be provided in the siunitx format. This is just filler text [Goo Goossens et al.

This is just filler text [see Goo Standard citation examples Code: This is just filler text [see Goo94]. This is just filler text [Goo94]. Multiple citations By default. Mas04] Citations details Code: The resulting index is printed on page You can also execute makeindex directly. List of acronyms glossaries Code: See the documentation of the glossaries package for further details. DVDs offer higher storage capacity than Compact Discs while having the same dimensions. It was originally developed to store and playback sound recordings exclusively.

The Compact disc CD was originally developed to play sound recordings. Here only a selections is shown using the symbol list defined before. The basis of the DVD name stems from the term digital versatile disc. The package itself defines more than 20 styles. These notes are automatically collected and can be printed. This is recommended if the text too large for printing it to the margin. However this also means that the placement of paragraphs.

The most common usage this package is to insert clearly visible todo notes in a la. Should be texdocument in the margin or inline in the text. LaTeX The line connecting the note with the place in the text can be disabled with the option A note with noline. An example of its usage is the command written as todo.

Listings 5. Package fancyvrb not loaded. Lines of code in a typical LaTeX document Note the indentation of the second and third line.

As you can see. It will produce an initial two A lines. This behavior is controlled W by the lhang parameter. And if it's just the time to learn how such gimmicks can be achieved. The following text flows around the initial.

Note the indentation A of the second and third line. It will produce an initial two lines. This may be influenced by the parameter nindent. But the results show that the effort is worthwhile. The indent of the first line is set with the parameter findent. Pellentesque nulla augue. Proin viverra odio ac lorem conse- quat condimentum.

Pellentesque mollis nunc sed mauris tem- por molestie. Bibliography A List of packages loaded A. B Changes and history Index Other classes would result in a non compiling template and are not supported therefore. In the document class options some of the most important settings for the document are configured. Global Package Options english. All defined in the following files: The following sections show in which order things are loaded and configured.

The latter is primarily depended on the operating system. All functionality and layout is loaded and configured there.

Now with more options! Make your choice, online or desktop?

Selection of link colors: The links can either be displayed in colors for a pdf document or be displayed in black for a print document. Examples are index. Nevertheless the code is filled with necessary style and settings commands.

The code in-between includes all the content for the document. Comment out this line if you do not require it. These lines only setup the page style and the line numbering for the front pages. As far as I know this is required in bachelor and master thesis. Here these are the symbol list. Additionally it is added to the pdf bookmarks. If you do not require an abstract just comment out the following lines. If you do not require all these lists comment those out that you do not want.

It however must not be placed in the appendix. The make commands required for building these lists were already executed. Main Document See section 6.

Therefore the appendix is not treated as part of the thesis in the evaluation. Appendix If one of these lists is not required the responsible line can be commented out. The most common are the list of figures and list of tables.

XLS Editor

It should only be included if code listings with captions are created anyway. For more information see section 3. It is however also very time consuming to create a good index. If you are not sure that your index content is worth to include it in your thesis you should comment these lines out. Its usage can be hindered by the No room for new write problem.

By default it is disabled and must be removed for the final version of a document anyway. For bachelor and master thesis these lines should be commented out. These files should only be loaded in case of a phd-thesis. Package scrwfile provides a general change of the LaTeX kernel.

The default font is Latin Modern. Further font families and typical font combinations are presented but not loaded. Courier Word Standard. It shows how to load some of the available fonts for pdflatex. For MyriadPro and MinionPro the code is extracted into extra files because these package come with a lot of functionality and thus options. MyriadPro must be loaded after MinionPro if both shall be loaded.

The whole template should compile with any section excluded except section Packages- Base. However in many cases the loading order must be different. If this is not the case please submit a bug report. Since most other packages require these to be loaded they are loaded here at the beginning. If these section are included in the compilation or excludes not compiled is defined at the beginning of the file: All package groups.

If packages can only be loaded after other packages have been loaded or must not be loaded in a special combination this is recognized and the package either loaded or not in order to prevent the template from not compiling.

The packages are grouped together according to there usage. The application of each package is given with a short description in the source code. The documentation file name and package loading order requirements are also included in the source code.

Most packages are updated in short term if bugs are encountered. LATEX however has the philosophy to maintain a document setting stability. However, some of them are fixed by extension packages. Others are fixed by special packages, which are loaded here. Used to define commands that don't eat spaces. The other packages are not necessary, but some of them provide useful bug fixes and enhancement to the math commands and environments defined by amsmath.

The mathtools package is an extension package to amsmath. Macros for Dirac bra-ket notation and sets. The package pgfplots provides an extension for scientific plots. Matrix Library. The recommended package is siunitx. Plot Handler Library loaded autom. The other packages are not activated by default because they are incompatible with siunitx or not necessary with the default fonts.

Spy Library: To Path Library loaded autom. Here only a selection of symbol packages is documented and loaded. Since these are font depended they are also incompatible if special font packages are loaded. In order to create good looking or even fancy tables further packages are necessary. Allows the custom lists of type item.

The enable the full functionality of biblatex it is necessary to also replace bibtex by the program biber. Backend Doe b. However almost all of them are nowadays replaced by the package biblatex which provides the functionality of all previous package and beyond them.

Here further packages are loaded that extent the placement and floating possibilities. Its possibilities in terms of figure placement is enhanced by package floatrow and for subfigures package subcaption. Loading of 'capt-of' afterwards will fail therefor. Currently it contains only the package lineno for numbering lines in the document. It is not loaded by default. Note that if you use this option. Package for glossaries. This option can significantly slow document compilation. The typical usage is to display programming code.

The listings package is a source code printer for LaTeX. This package provides many facilities for reading. Not however that mdframed is a modern package that can replace the other three. Create framed. And the page layout can be modified with the packages geometry or alternatively typearea.

The text can be printed in multiple columns with package multicol. The latter is automatically loaded with the koma script class. The line spacing can be modified using package setspace. The total number of page is provided by package pageslts. The titlesec package is essentially a replacement.

NOT Recommended! The format of the table of contents and other lists can defined by package tocstyle. It provides new commands with which one can format the toc entries in a generic way. It is used to define the layout of the part-pages. If a manual setting in the table of contents is however not required the usage of this package is still encouraged. In this template it was so far not required. The appendix title can be modified with package appendix.

Note that hyperref must be loaded after almost all packages! Much better textformating and better typography. Other additional package that must be loaded before must be put into the section Misc Packages. It is required by this template. The settings are grouped together according to there usage. These section defined at the beginning of the file: For german text several changes are applied to ensure the correct setting of math in that language. Further settings for pgfplots are in a separate file: Sorting This is intended for debugging only.

All entries are processed in citation order. General Options Dates Style Options The package subfig however is not recommended and can only be used without subcaption. Additionally caption styles are defined for subcaption type captions and for subfig captions not recommended in the case that subfig is loaded instead of subcaption.

Furthermore a version for short captions is defined with the name captionStyleTemplateShortDefault. Defines justification of float object float contents. The option pdfpagelayout is not included here because it should be set up by the user of the template. It is therefore in file LaTeXTemplate. UseThumbs show thumbnails. Something similar and is achieved by the package cleveref which does the same thing in a more clever way.

This happens for example if the class scrartcl is loaded. These things are fixed here. Here the original definition is restored for every tabu tabular to solve the problem. This is corrected here. Additional user commands should as well be inserted in this file. If the thesis itself is in english the first page should be removed. In master and bachelor thesis this is typically not desired.

The first for the language of the thesis and the second for an English translation. It may belong to a phd thesis. In all bachelor and master thesis I know of. Where other sources of information have been used. For phd-thesis however it usually must be created according to the rules of the university. The same layout is shown as a template for bachelor and master thesis.

Here it is on two pages. Fill them with the content of the thesis. The com- mands available for creating your document are shown in the example code demonstration in documentation in part II. Unfortunately I did not find a satisfactory way of creating this bibliographic data other than manually. These document contain your content. A CV should only be part of a phd thesis. The CV in a job application is something completely different and typically considerably longer and more detailed.

This CV should not be misunderstood with the CV in job application. Remember that you do not write this CV to apply for a job.

This is just a brief summary of your previous research career. I have not translated it into English. I would also like to than all people who supported me in writing this thesis. You may take the following text as a guide: I thank?? Here a fixed paragraph skip is introduced and the paragraph indentation removed. I thank in particular the??

Robert L. Neal D. George D.

Heterogeneous catalysis for the synthetic chemist. Michael R. Marc D. Advanced inorganic chemistry. Julia E. Gary L. Stephen J. New York: Marcel Dekker. Frank Albert. Chuan-Jian Zhong. Frank Mittelbach. Langmuir Crystal structure determination.

Aaron and Richard Wentworth: Bibliography [Aug95] Augustine. David Londono. Richard W. The LaTeX Com- panion. Michael J. Jay E. Jennifer J. Carlos A. Geoffrey Wilkinson. The basics of crystallography and diffraction.

List of Figures 1. List of Tables 2. Base calc. Here only. The execution times for each part were monitored as well. For a complete list This evaluation was done during the development of this template and not updated since then. These numbers are presented in fig.

A recent list of all packages is presented in appendix A. The number of packages is thus not consistent with the current template. Bugfix fixltx2e. Listings upquote. It thus shows the most recent list of files used.

PDF mode primargs. MH filecontents. DPC morewrites. SPQR trig. UTF-8 utf8. FJ babel. SPQR epstopdf. SPQR graphicx. Variable-width minipages tablestyles. Latin Modern Family. Abbreviated units TemplateDocumentation.

Charter-Bera Sans-Luxi Mono. Garamond-Bera Sans-Luxi Mono. Computer Modern Roman RS nameref. AMS symbols b RS version. AMS symbols a RS mt-msb. These are now available from CTAN or better the distribution package manager. Previously these needed to be created completely manual. Package pageslts requires atveryend to be loaded before etoolbox.

All options of geometry are now such that the page layout is similar to the one of typearea with DIV The following list is a selection: New file for definitions and update of glossaries options.

What is PDFescape?

Version 3. If a spacing factor was introduced this could lead to an ugly page layout. Additionally it provides a demo file for testing and showing the document layout. It transformed from a simple rudimentary test and sample document to a test and example framework with examples for every package.

This was basically a mistake in the code. Further changes mainly in terms of package updates and bug fixes. The basic design was adopted from the previous version. The basic language is German. It targets therefor a much broader audience. Index bigstrut. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Dormez Tranquilles Jusqu'en - Odile Jacob. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Contents I User documentation 1 1 Introduction 3 1. Part I User documentation 1.

Suspendisse 5. Pellentesque nulla augue, nonummy vel, tincidunt at, blandit Result: Pellentesque nulla augue, nonummy vel, tincidunt at, blandit 5. Carlos Antonio Castro. Anil Singhal. Dylan du Preez.

Legal Insurrection. Alexander Hernandez. Chapter 11 Dockets.

LATEX Thesis Template Documentation.pdf

Norah Trent. Muhibbul Muktadir Tanim. More From Mustapha El Metoui. Mustapha El Metoui. Chemsi Simohamed. Hanane Tounsi. Schaum's Outline of Calculus, 6th Edition. Updated with 1, fully solved problems, plus 30 problem-solving online videos.

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The following lists of further reading are provided for each of the Core technical subjects. Mar 28 Fri Schaum's Outline of Advanced.

Download The history of the popes from the close of the Middle Ages: Download Geophysical Continua book Download Ontario Sessional Papers, , No. Download Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Download Sir Frederick Haldimand book Download The ship's company and other sea people Plain text The following paragraph is text taken from http: The basic design was adopted from the previous version. Global Package Options english. It is difficult to provide a complete list of the resulting features therefore the following lists include only a subset of the most interesting ones.

Robert L. Curriculum Maps. When she reached the first hills of the Italic Mountains.

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