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The Vampire Diaries has 10 entries in the series. The Awakening. The Vampire Diaries (Series). Book 1. L. J. Smith Author Rebecca Mozo Narrator (). The Vampire Diaries Series 13 PDF Books Free Download. Download Dork Diaries Series Books free in PDF. Download Free Complete Series. Vampire Diaries Books 1 to 6 Books) Set Pack (The Awakening + The Struggle, The Fury + The Reunion, Nightfall, Shadow Souls) (The Vampire Diaries.


However, this prospect is cut when Stefan's elder brother, Damon comes home from university. Damon is a five hundred plus year old immortal who was born during the period of The Renaissance.

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Caroline eventually gets involved in a relationship with Tyler Smallwood. Tanner, but Damon says he killed Mr.

Nightfall, she is revealed to be a witch like Bonnie and helps the friends search for Elena in the woods. Stefan revealed that Damon was quite close to her, considering that Damon was the first born child of the family and that as soon as Stefan was born, both Giuseppe and Stefan and Damon's mother gave more attention and love to the younger Salvatore, changing the dynamics of the Salvatore family completely.

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