Background. Introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) across India with effect from 1st of July is a very significant step in the field. Vehicle Number can be entered by generator of. EWB or transporter. ▫ E-way Bill with consignment should have latest vehicle which is carrying the consignment. Who can generate E- Way bill? Every registered person who causes movement of goods of consignment value exceeding Rs. 50,/-. ➢ In relation to supply.

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To implement the e-Way Bill system,. ICT based solution is required. Hence, as approved by the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council, a web based solution. out the E-way Bill System on 1 April , to track movement of goods. the new system in a phased manner and mandated generation of E-way Bills for intra-. goods and generates e-way bill on the GST portal. Rule of the CGST Rules, provides for the e-way bill mechanism and in this context it is important to.

States to be divided into 4 lots to execute this phased rollout.

In this case, the registered person or transporter shall complete the formalities of the e-Way Bill. Ideally, e-Way Bill should be generated before the commencement of movement of goods above the value of INR 50, either individual invoice or consolidated invoice of multiple consignments. Latest update as on 23rd Mar The bill comprises of 2 parts — Part A and Part B. In Part B of this form, one needs to fill in the vehicle number of the transported goods.

Update as on 23rd Mar 2018:

The transporter will complete this information in the common portal. Under GST regime, when goods are moved from one place to another, the transporter needs to ensure to carry an e-Way Bill. When a registered person causes the movement of goods and hands these over to the transporter for transportation by road, but the e-Way Bill has not been generated, then it is the transporter who needs to create the bill.

In cases where there are multiple consignments, being sent through one conveyance, the transporter has the responsibility to ensure that the serial number of each individually generated e-way bill per each consignment is entered on the common platform and a consolidated e-Way Bill via the Form GST EWB 02 is created.

Government eases norms for e-way bill generation

The validity period of an e-way Bill starts from the time of creation of the e-Way Bill. For distance traveled less than km, the bill is valid for one day.

For every km or after that, the bill is valid for one additional day. That the commissioner can provide an extension of the validity period for specific categories of goods.

If the vehicle is carrying goods for multiple invoices whose combined invoice value exceeds INR 50, If the supplier for some reason fails to create the e-Way Bill, then it is the responsibility of the transporter to obtain it.

Why is an Eway bill required?

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It ensures easy and seamless generation of e-way bill with just one click. With more than 30 validation checks this ensures data accuracy and avoidance of any errors.

E Way Bill

This software also avoids hassles of dual entry and speeds up your business operations. What is Supply in Relation to Eway bill?

Here, a supply could be any of the following: 1 Supply made in the normal course of business 2 Supplies made which may not be in the normal course of business 3 Supplies made without receiving any payment 4 Transfer - across branches of the same business 5 Exchange - Payment by products or goods instead of money when downloading Who is Authorised to Generate Eway bill?

Any person who is registered under GST 2. If the registered person is a consignor or consignee or transporter of the goods Validity of an Eway Bill Validity of the e-way bill depends upon the distance the goods have to be transported.

Transportation modes or regular vehicles - For every KMs or part of its movement, one day validity has been provided. This validity expires on the midnight of last day. What happens if the Eway bill expires?

Based on your convenience, you can alter easily between the portal and Tally. ERP 9 to generate e-way Bills.

What is eWay Bill? Ewaybill Rules & Generation Process Explained

Generate e-way Bills using Tally for downloads and other transactions Depending on the business scenario, if your supplier or transporter is unable to generate e-Way Bills, you can do so on their behalf using Tally. You can generate e-Way Bills even for other types of transactions such as credit notes which are used for sales returns, for debit notes which are used for download returns and also for receipt notes.

Generate consolidated e-Way Bills using Tally. ERP 9 When the place of supply, State, vehicle number, and mode of transport are same for a given set of invoices, you can group these invoices, generate JSON file, upload to the portal and generate a consolidated e-Way Bill.

Before generating a consolidated JSON file for the invoices, make sure to generate e-way Bills individually for each invoice first which is a prerequisite condition in the portal. A consolidated e-Way Bill makes life easy for transporters.


For more details on e-Way Bill generation using Tally.Know about the rules and ways of generating Eway bills in Jharkhand. Log In Sign Up. You can try it free for 2 weeks, it takes just few minutes to signup. ERP 9 to first create your invoice, provide additional details in the invoice at the same time and create a JSON file of the data.

This validity expires on the midnight of last day.

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