necessary to have a course on the fundamentals of electrical drives, The author, Dr. S.K. Pillai, has over twenty years experience of teach-. Download A First Course on Electrical Drives By S.K. Pillai – The aim of revision is mainly to acquaint the students with the recent trends in the development of. A FIRST COURSE IN ELECTRICAL DRIVES - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Uploaded by: KARAN a First Course on Electrical Drives - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Electric Drives - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. arivurp. a First Course on Electrical Drives. Uploaded by. RuiVagner. A FIRST COURSE IN ELECTRICAL DRIVES Uploaded by. RuiVagner. Basic Electrical Engineering e Uploaded.

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About S. Books by S. Trivia About first course on e No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Based on the principle of line shaft drives, the significant The brief description of sections present in a typical paper achievement for coordinated motion of paper machine machine [6] is presented in the following.

Forming section process steps, such as slitting on rewinder, or off-line The pulp suspension coming from the pulp preparation coating, with main concerns regarding the roll structure, i. The sheet tension in this final is uniformly transferred to the wire. Most of the water drips section of the paper machine can vary even with correct thru, leaving the formed sheet of paper on the wire.

The relative speed of the drive maintained. This could be caused drives of a forming section are usually mechanically coupled by uneven drying or other factors. It is therefore imperative by the wire or by a felt on board machines. This dictates that to augment the speed control of the drive by an overriding the drives must operate in precise speed control loop, with tension control.

Another possible configuration is to use one III. The control system of a typical paper machine with sectional drives is generally realized with the PLC. Functions B. The conditions include, but follow the forming section.

However, each sectional drive.

Electric Drives

In case of double driven press, the acquisition systems, for trending and logging of drives become rigidly coupled when the pressure is applied, operating data.

With the unified configuration of drives, C. Drying section control blocks for the sectional drives should provide a set of Further drying of the paper or board sheet is achieved as it basic functions common to all drives.

Moreover, if the passes over the steam heated cylinders. Dryers are usually functions for all sections existing on a paper machine are realized as single drives, with the mesh of gears that drive identified and generalized, the engineering process for each cylinder.

On felt driven dryers, each felt has its own control software development becomes straightforward, and drive, but in both cases precise speed control is required. Tissue cylinder, also called Yankee dryer, belongs to this This paper presents the application of the developed section of the paper machine.

Besides large inertia dictated universal control blocks suitable for control of all sections of by large diameters up to 8.

Calender parts. The machine calenders are usually realized as a personal single drive, which needs to be speed controlled. In line coating The interface of the universal control block with the The inline coating is more common in board producing operator and the drive in the first place needs to be carefully machines, since the board has a relatively high absolute planned.

The control of individual sections of a paper strength, due to its higher basis weight.

Special arrangements machine could be done centrally, with a single operator panel of rolls for carrying the sheet are required for coating the top controlling several different sections. The other approach side of the paper, requiring long runs of paper without would be to place a dedicated operator panels near each support.

[PDF] A First Course on Electrical Drives By S.K. Pillai Book Free Download

This requires a definite amount of tension in this section of the machine, to display the readouts from the drive section achieved by accurate speed control with precise and control a single section. The choice of the principle of control of draw between sections. Reel experience and the skills of the operators. In large scale paper Continuously produced paper sheet is wound up on reel machines, consisting of many sections, the second approach spools, building up paper rolls of up to 4.

The with dedicated panels offers the advantage of visual paper rolls have to fit the requirements of the following overview of the controlled section from the operator stand- Unwanted and unnecessary tension in the paper produce point. One adequate operation. Besides conditions for running of the possible method is the change of structure of the controlled section, there exists an interface with other control blocks for drives, disabling all but one speed controllers. The decision adjacent sections both previous and the following in for blocking the speed controllers could be based on the machine direction.

The principle of interfacing of the photo-cell signal, or on the operator input. The solution often universal control block with the overall control system is found in engineering practice is to keep the speed controllers shown in Fig.

The solution where all drives remain with the same structure, but with the load distribution controller, superior to the speed controller is illustrated in Fig.

The load distribution control is based on the existence of the drives torque signal, which is readily available in both DC armature current and AC drives torque estimate , with sufficient precision.

It can be shown that stable operation can be achieved if only P type load distribution controller is used [8, 9]. The principle of interfacing the universal control block for a sectional drive with the overall control system. This allows the configuration of each drive to be exactly the same, with only the motor and power dependant data individually adjusted. Scaling of reference is expressed by the constant Cn shown in Fig.

Figure 2 shows the detailed structure of the universal control block, where the blue rectangles represent the operator inputs.

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Besides start and stop for the section, the operator can adjust the draws of each individual section, with the predetermined precision the Draw-step constant. The operator input is limited, and the influence of the set draws is relative.About S. Changes from the state of equilibrium takes place slowly and the effect of either the inertia or the inductance is insignificant — Steady state stability. Term Paper Electric Drives Criteria for the steady state stability is for a decrease in the speed.

Jignesh Kumar is currently reading it Nov 08, The style and organization of the work reflects the discerning insight of a teacher into the requirements of a student and each topic is developed step by step in a clear and cogent manner.

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