Powered by intellect, driven by valuesInfosys has been at the forefront of a new India Inc. since Leadership @ Infosys is the first book to codify Infosyss. 'Powered by intellect, driven by values'—Infosys has been at the forefront of a new India Inc. since Leadership @ Infosys is the first book to codify Infosys's. Leadership @ Infosys book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

Leadership @ Infosys Book

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PDF | On Jun 1, , Shulagna Sarkar and others published Book Review: Leadership @ Infosys, Matt Barney. The first authorised book from the Infosys Leadership Institute (ILI) on effective leadership strategies was launched here today. Infosys, country's second largest IT company that is also known for its values and leadership practices, is set to reveal all these practices in a.

Penguin Portfolio Books , pp. A number of cases have been written about Infosys in both Indian and Western business schools. The company itself is modeled on the idea of a learning organization and is highly regarded for the quality of both its training and leadership programs. But this is probably the first time that so many Infoscians have got together to formalize the different aspects of leadership that have made Infosys what it is.

What then is the secret of the astonishing success of Infosys? How did this company come out of nowhere and become synonymous not only with the IT sector, but also with corporate governance in a country where it is difficult to do business ethically?

What, to put it simply, is the secret of its team-based model of leadership? How are we to explain the enormous success that it has had in matters pertaining to succession planning? Barney has also contributed a number of essays in addition to editing this book; he is, quite simply, the animating spirit behind this book.

What is interesting about this book is that it will appeal not only to Infoscians, but also to all those who are interested in learning from the exemplary intellectual, financial, and social success of the IT sector as a whole. In addition to N. Narayana Murthy, its legendary founder, all the members of the founding team have become household names in this country, and have taken their turn in leading the company without compromising on its core values and ethical principles.

Strategy and Leadership What Barney and the contributors of this book set out to do is to explain how all this came about in just three decades. Mahendra Pai.

This anthology can also be seen as a contribution to knowledge management since managing effectively what it has already learned over the years is a part of the attempt at formalizing the different types and styles of leadership at Infosys.

There will probably be more books like this in the years to come as a part of the research projects underway at the Infosys Leadership Institute. The over-all impression created by this book is the need to adopt a rational approach to problem solving by not only deploying the analytic skills of the employees, but by also being constantly on the lookout for the tool sets, metrics, frameworks and theories that are available in the academic literature on strategy and leadership.

Infosys to share leadership tips

This can be described as an inclusive attempt to not only train employees but also to learn from them and roll out these learnings across the company as a whole. Structure of the Book There are nine chapters in the book.

It starts with an introduction by T. Sree Kumar who explains the history of the company, including the period of struggle in the period before liberalization, and the breakthroughs that happened in the aftermath of liberalization.

His account is also an attempt to understand how Murthy and his co-founders set up a value system to which they have been able to hold on to across the years, the difficulties that the company experienced in financing its operations in the early years, the transition from being an Indian to a global company, the listing in NASDAQ, and the setting up of campuses in Bangalore, Mysore, and elsewhere. This is followed by an essay by Matt Barney and Siddharth Patnaik on what sort of 3.

The basic question in contention here is whether it is possible to objectively measure the effectiveness of leaders, and, if so, how? The approach that Barney and Patnaik are selling is called the Rasch Model; it is based on the work of a Danish mathematician named Georg Rasch.

They also set out the nine dimensions of leadership that Infosys is interested in: There are chapters on all of these dimensions that have been authored by an Infoscian who best exemplifies that aspect of leadership, or which draws upon the observations and interviews of a particular set of Infoscians, along with a brief summary of the academic literature available in that area.

Strategic Differentiators Given the difficulty in understanding the subtleties of both leadership theory and practice, the goal here is not to achieve closure in all these areas, but to summarize the best set of insights available at this point in time, along with suggestions on how research that is underway in academia or at the Infosys leadership Institute might address these problems in the near future.

The notion of strategic leadership is set out by Rajeswar Murali and Matt Barney. It starts out by explicating the leading theories of strategic management, the main differentiators that Infosys has deployed so far, its strategy of globalization, de-risking relationship with important clients, revenue considerations in different geographies, the role of emerging economies, its understanding of how to define verticals, the role of specialization, and the challenges of managing strategic change.

Corporate Trends Deals. Berger Paints. Precious Metal. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. Infosys, country's second largest IT company that is also known for its values and leadership practices, is set to reveal all these practices in a new book.

The first authorised book, Leadership Infosys , from the Infosys Leadership Institute on effective leadership strategies is set for launch on December Published by Penguin Books India, it contains information essential to understanding Infosys' continued success as a corporation ahead of the curve. Leadership Infosys is the first book to codify Infosys' "unique" history, values and leadership practices that account for the firm's stellar rise from USD seed capital to a multibillion dollar global enterprise, Gopalakrishnan said.

As an extension of Infosys' tradition of growing leaders through a programme called Leaders Teach, the book captures the origins of Infosys' leadership approach and leverages advanced psychometrics to identify current leaders who are "exceptionally effective" in Infosys' leadership model.

These leaders share approaches that they believe account for their successes, and are candid about where they stumbled in the past to help junior leaders avoid their mistakes. Chapters based on Infosys' Leadership Journey Series include discussions of strategic leadership, change leadership, operational leadership, talent leadership, relationship and networking leadership, content leadership and entrepreneurial leadership by thought leaders in each area.

The book captures a representative sampe," Gopalakrishnan said. Dr Barney is the senior most Infosys leader responsible for the selection, development, research and succession of senior and high-potential leaders worldwide.

He has published and presented papers and books in areas including Lean Six Sigma, leadership development, psychometrics, human capital, risk management and simulations.

We were to be international, to be global, to have a high value system, to have high ethics-all those things were there from day one, but it was in the early s that we said, "We really need to get hold of ourselves and put in place the systems and processes and the technology, infrastructure, and all that is needed to achieve growth. Dinesh recalls the need to diversify geographically.

We needed to review and explore our geographic risks on a long-term basis. Secondly, Europe offered a bigger pie.

Keeping this in mind we decided to expand our operations to Europe. Reebok France soon followed, with Infosys winning the contract to build a state-of-theart information management system.

The Infosys team deftly crossed Leadership at Infosys: Past to Present language and cultural barriers and completed the Reebok project ahead of time, winning the admiration of the customer.

Constrained by US government visa restrictions from sending its professionals freely to the United States, Infosys management decided, in Dinesh's words, to 'convert a threat into an opportunity by investing in processes that would build client trust in their ability and thus enable Infosys to do more work "here" in Bangalore and less work "there"' on-site.

The team completed the project ahead of time, establishing itself in the market. The focus, from the beginning, was on evolving employee-friendly polides, while ensuring ahigh level of transparency. In , lnfosys set up its Quality department, at a time when quality as a conscious effort was still a fledgling thought in the software industry. In , lnfosys opened its first international office in Boston.

To leverage the relationship with its client Digital Equipment Corporation, which operated in the area, and to get new. A milestone in offshoring-lnfy gets a 64 kbps link Although it was a sales office, Boston also doubled as the first network hub overseas.

This enabled clients to connect effectively with Infosys's offshore network. In December , the first 64kbps international private line for any company in India was established between Infosys's 10 US office in Boston and its headquarters in Bangalore.

Co-founder S. Shibulal recalls, 'One of the early customers that Infosys acquired in the early '90s was GE. GE wanted connectivity to be established between our Bangalore office and their office in the US. They wanted a direct link from Bangalore to their office.

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We felt that if we had a link terminating in our office in Boston, we would be able to connect multiple clients with the same link. In we installed our first 64 kbps link between our Koramangala office and the Boston office.

We successfully installed the link, connected to GE and also implemented a voice line on the same link.

The reforms allowed firms to open offices abroad, travel easily, and hire foreign consultants. The reforms also eased access to capital markets for private companies, making equity financing a viable option.

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Encouraged, Infosys made an initial public offer in February and was listed on stock exchanges in India in June The letter to the shareholders in the first Infosys annual report was titled 'Driving Growth through India-based Software Development'. It shared the cornerstones of Infosys's strategy: Competing in the world market on quality and productivity, and not just cost Using an India-based software workshop for high margin and stable operations Becoming a solution provider in niche markets for high margins Leadership at Infosys: Past to Present 11 Underwriters had to bail out lnfosys's first IPO from under-subscription.Friend Reviews.

Organizations with depth and character like Infosys must have a strategic shift from time to time, but not radical change. I led my team to create roadmaps; [each roadmap is a portfolio of possible investments a leader can make in herself or himself or in their team, and we have also developed advanced psychometric assessments.

My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up. In recent times, the Indian IT service players are battling challenges within the organization for leadership and stiff competition from big daddy tech companies in analytics and cloud. Market Watch.

Infosys to share leadership tips

We successfully installed the link, connected to GE and also implemented a voice line on the same link. He brought some changes to the rule book to enhance office work culture in order to make the company look like a new-age, youthful, agile firm, very different from the traditional Indian IT services firms.

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